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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

me on crafty thingy

i found myself glued to my seat in d office going thru blog after blog about home decorating ideas and DIY projects. luckily i dun have that much of work right now and my boss dun care what we do as long the work done on time. you see, i am the person who like doing things myself. i mean i am a crafty person. i like to bake my own cake. (or at least i tried). i like to make my own greeting cards. (or i used to). i like to sew beads to my clothes. i miss sewing crosstitch. i even make my own hantaran decorations with socks flowers and sireh junjung. i like watching room makeover, handyman, cooking, baking kinda show. i have a lot in my mind for craft projects but i married a totally opposite match. i was never good at carpenting. i wish i was coz i would never have to expect mr. hubby to make me something from scratch. "I CAN DO IT. LET ME DO IT".

this is some of my DIY wishlist that i thought i would do (in future-only God knows when

i used to have an uncle that is talented in so many ways. he's intelligent. he can play gitar and keyboard. he can read music notes. he's very good in carpenting that he build 3 dollhouses, few shelves in each bedroom, kitchen and dining, lawn bench and wall border. he also paints and make the frame himself. he likes camping and he used to organize father-son camp. he knows a lot. but of cos he's not perfecto. thats is a totally different story.

the point is how many men out there that is talented like that? just imagine how much we could save from buying all those furniture that is so simple we should be able to build it ourself. ok, mulalaa nak emo nih. haiz. i'm not criticizing my hubby. NO. he is also talented in other different things in his own way. which is why i married him :) ehem, ayat bodek. even my own father is not a handyman. he's more to "just buy it. no need fuss. duit boleh cari" kinda guy. i want to be able to do things by myself. the satisfaction that we get when our hardwork being display and adore by others-thats a bonus. but i dun have the time and the space. i want to learn how to make crumble beads. i wanna make my own shelves for the kids bedroom and kitchen. i want to make my own decorations for the living room. takpe2. baby steps. i think firstly i have to go to classes. then buy myself a sewing machine. then we'll go from there. sounds good?

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