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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sehelai baju baru buat menyapu si air mata

currently there's so many things in my mind. tonnes of lists of things i need to do, things i WANT to do and things i WANT. but having only the lists without a plan is like having a plate without anything to eat. i dunno which one i need to prioritize coz i feel like the time is not on my side. i feel like i need to do all that simultenously. with lack of resources, there's no way i could do that. i remember when i was small, when i stay with my onyang n tokcik. i used to dream of becoming a millionare.

ok, before i start, let me remind you that i wasn't bragging about me being nice or whatsoever but this is truly my childhood dream when i was young and naive. i wish, if i have a million (a kid thought a million is enough...pffttt), i would build 3 bungalows. 1 for the old folks home, 1 for nursery without charge, and 1 for my own. i would bare all the costs and nobody inside the houses would have to pay anything. even the nursery. at that time i didn't know there were homeless children. so the bungalows are meant for those cute babies that I CHOOSE to be taken care in my nursery from the time their parents send them until they being fetch home. i want to play with all the cute babies. the parents dun even have to pay the fees or buy their milk and food (that time i didn't know anything about mothers milk. how do i "buy" mother's milk?) i will support everything.

and for my own bungalow, i would like to have a sort of ATM machine for the poor. but they can only withdraw RM10 perday coz i thought it would be fair (mana cukup RM10 sehari...another child thought) i really wanna make the world a better place for everyone. not knowing that a million is not enough even for our own family, 3 bungalows costs more than a million, handling ONE baby is not easy apatah lagi babies, there are homeless children and orphans and that there are people that will take advantage for your kindness despite your well intentions. so, how do we help to make the world a better place if not for us, at least for our children and the unfortunate ones?

i have been bloghopping and i found this. its simple goal just touches me. when all of us are trying to change our wardrobe (ehem, sape la tuh), shopping for the latest fashion, getting rid of the old dresses, there are still people who dun even have 1 piece of new baju raya. saya sokong 100% when they strictly said that they ONLY except NEW baju for those kids. having baju baru yang dikeluarkan dari plastik which still have "kedai" scent is a total bliss. kita yang tak sesusah mana pun tersengih2 depan cermin trying out the new outfit, inikan pulak bebudak tuh. when i saw those happy faces i feel like i wanna hug them all and tell them that it was ok, but the truth is its not. everyday we are being fed with news about abandoned babies, rasa macam nak bawak balik semua, nak take care, hug all of them but i'm not a millionare. hutang pun banyak yang tak setel lagi. BUT i have a voice. and with that i would like to ask my dear friends together we help this noble team. bukan pahala yang kita harapkan tapi sebuah senyuman manis anak2 bila baju2 baru menyaluti tubuh2 gebu mereka. hisssyhhh...nak nangis plak. dah dah jom beli baju baru n pos!!!

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