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Monday, July 18, 2011


hmmm...terkedu masih belum hilang. takpelaa, slowly i will adapt to it. nak update apa2 pun takde mood. brapa kali taip pastu delete balik. nanti orang menyampah, kutuk2 plak. aduhhhh...sakitnya hati bila dapat tau. alan kata baik tak tau tapi kalau tak tau, sampai bila pun kita terkena kan?

bukan benci tapi sedih. yana, pujuk mummy cepat!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sis,
No need for u to “terkedu”. Just go on with what u think u should do, write whatever u think u should write. Just a little advice , look into the mirror, see yourself in it. Are u perfect? Haven’t u ever talked about others, or your friend/s maybe? Haven’t u ever commented on any other bloggers before? If no, means yes, u are perfect. How do u know only few talked about it? There are billions of people around the world. Could be 1, 2, 10, hundreds or millions. Everybody could agree with what u say & what u do, but could it be that nobody agree to it? No… everybody must have agreed to what u say.. I believe.

People are just talking, condemning, arguing with what they have read, see, hear, listen and think. Different people think different ways of a very same issue. Different people act different ways for a very same reason. People talked bad (or nonsense) maybe because people just can’t see u’re being swayed away. Yeah, maybe your ways are different with others.

Again, an advice (but knowing that some people can’t just take any advice, have thousands of reasons ignoring the advice), look in the mirror, look at yourself, not just at the surface, mirrored back at what u have done so far. I believe u have a very positive attitude, I believe u’re never been annoyed to others, I believe u don’t have any discipline matters, and the most important thing is that I believe in u.
There’s too much to say here, but I guess some people are just too sensitive to other people’s opinion.

p/s: Is this too harsh? OK.. just ignore

arLene said...

dear anon or whoever i think u are.

i truly agree with what u say. we condemn those we dun like. and we praise those we like. BUT shud a FREN do that? if so, than he/she is not a fren. if you actually read through my entry, i said i have no problemo whatsoever for people to judge me but it is sad becos i truly tot they are MY FREN. true fren will tell that to ur face but i guess i was wrong. just like u said.

oh, btw, why the anon?

Zippit Zana said...

Ouh goodness...Wonder who's thinking as a perfect person? And giving an advice as anonymous is truly a coward thing to do. Y protect when if you really want to give an advice as yours truly.. Well, here we take things upfront dear. I think arlene has stated before that she was obviously shocked when a dear fren talked back when all this while she has been a good fren to that someone. Sharing and caring. Let me brief you on friendship definition dear "friendship is the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person having neither to weigh thoughts not measure words, but pouring all right out just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful friendly hand wilk take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping and, with a breath of comfort, blow the rest away"

Here, she's stating her frustration but u are correct, we cannot stop people. People are different and we are having different values here. Not backing up cause Im a sister, but we do take friendship seriously here.

Akak, there's reason why Allah wants you to know. Maybe somewhat kita boleh ambil iktibar. Untuk kita jadi yang lebih baik. Memaafkan lebih baik dari membenci. Maafkan that fellow friend(s).... Take no grudge. Allah suka kan?

arLene said...

dah dah..semua pergi balik tempat masing2...takde keje ker? :P