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Friday, August 12, 2011

1 pecah jadi 2

as the eldest great/granddaughter raised by tokcik and arwah onyang really makes me a family type of person. its rare that i declined the invitations of kenduri by my relatives. me and zana are undeniably close to our grandparents. al maklum, we dun have our own parents around often untuk bermanja. and because of that, we also attached with our uncles and aunties coz whenever they visit our grandparents, we would be there as well. i'm saying this because nowadays in this holy ramadhan month i feel lonely and i miss my late tokwan, tokyong and onyang. usually we will breakfast with them at least once and 2 days before raya me and zana will spring clean their house knowing that they didnt have the energy to do it. we would change the curtains, sweep, mop, wash all the cutleries and crockeries that to be used for raya, spread the carpets, vacuum and force them to rest. haih. all that leaves as beautiful memories now.

now even they are not around anymore, i still need to make plans to breakfast with my mom's family, my dad's family, opah (i will meet my relatives from my mom's side), atuk, tokcik (hopefully my abah's side can join), frens (several group of them) and mil's family. macam wajibla. kan best kalau mak dengan abah skali, opah dengan atuk pun skali. so dapat berbuka sama berkali2. but i know that will only happen in my dreams :P so today we will breakfast with my mom and adik2 at Rasa Sunda and this sunday we will be with my schoolmates at Restoran Haslam (how i miss my girls soo mucho. cant wait!) lauk2 kat sana memang favey my husband and me. semua sedap2. tadi abah call saying that he will not be available this weekend so we will resheduled for later. tokcik still have to plan for her slot while opah anytime also can coz we send ariana to her house kan. so anytime will do. as for atok, itupun kena call nak buat appointment gak tuh.

so, itu jelaa nak citer harini. ending antiklimaks bak kata peej. tadi actually taip panjang but when i read it through, it actually 2 different topics (read: melalut) that i have to split it into different post. that one will have to postponed. so many memories to share. later peeps.

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