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Monday, August 8, 2011

point to point again

- enjoyed my 3 days leave. i brought my opah along with me to melaka. i think she enjoyed being there but as any normal oldies as anyone else, she feel homesick after 2nd day. but she enjoyed the durian, rambutan, dukong, langsat around the house. so that shud be oklaa kan.

-puas dapat makan all we want to eat in melaka. alan borong serabai at bazaar like there's no tomorrow. and ibu did make kuih kertas2 for moi. nyum. plus durian from our own pokok.

p/s : ibu, alan kata dia lupa order nasi goreng cili api for sahur. nanti ibu buat yer.

- ariana also improved a lot in names calling. she called "atok" everytime her atok pass by. so cute. and she keep on calling "mummy" (then smiled so sweetly ) for no reason whenever she sees me like she just discover that word. duhh. no more babah all the time. tak sentap dah. hehehe.

- she is so active at kampung she kept on walking and exploring the house. she didn't even need us to accompany her. berani pulak jalan sorang2. tau2 dah sampai kat dapur. she even climb the circle stairs at the corner (of cos with us being around) that we have been trying to cover it from her sight.

-she know how to wave in short and long distance. small four-finger wave if the person is near and big whole-arm wave when the person is far.

- total catch from thursday to sunday - 7 rats!! eewwww...i'll post about it later. with the pic!!!

- more n more updates coming after this (macam E! plak) until im able to upload the pic.

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