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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

friday iftar and saturday stories

ok, pic dah upload altho some of the event tak sempat nak amik gambar. its ok. ceria sket ada entry bergambar nih. so on friday we went to Rasa Sunda, near Wangsa Walk for iftar. only us girls. my opah, mak, my sisters and ariana. as a hardcore badminton fan, alan MUST stay at home to watch the quarter final world championship. so we had sets of nasi timbel with meat, chicken and cumi aka squid. pedas melampau until i choked and grasping for water. really grasping terkapai2 until my mom scold me for being so kelam kabut. huhuhu. avocado juice is not chill so that didnt help. i had to grab evrybody else's drink before my ears popped out. fuhh. so here are some of the pic.

ariana had a bit of everything. rice and oxtail soup-share with her onyang, biscuits, tempe, beancurd, anything not spicy.

our sets of food

only fatin cooperate. the rest cudnt care less.

me and zana
me in my new outfit. tops from ampang park, skirt from thepoplook, belt and shoes my own possesion. syok lak pakai labuh2 gini.


ok, thats on friday. on saturday pulak i have this putri thing where we will accompany the orphans/unfortunate kids to shopping for their baju raya. sponsored by various sources RM150/child. so we brought them AEON setiawangsa. we've been there as early as 11am. alan and ariana also joined us as alan didnt shop for his raya attire yet. so we split up and meet thereafter. i was assigned to help mashitah, a 10 years old special need girl. she really likes blue. we pick a baju kurung, a top and a pyjamas. i offered her shoes and jeans but she keep on saying she already have it so the balance of the money we just give her as duit raya.

it took us 2 hours before we parted and then i started pung pang pung pang in my kitchen for iftar with our guest. this one, no pic coz im a busy bee and alan cudnt bother to take pic of me :( i cooked ikan siakap 3 rasa, ayam goreng rempah, taugeh kasar goreng bercili, and masak lemak putih suhun+fucuk+kentang+udang which already kembang by the time i want to serve it. ppffttt..overall, its been fun. later i post the recipe k.

now let the piccas tell you the rest of the story

sleepy ariana cudnt let go of her "bal" and pacifier. haih, malu mummy tau

so peeps, meet mashitah. she actually very shy i had to snap few times before she smiles.

then, once i taught her how to take picture, she just cudnt stop. apa sahaja di snapnyer. hehehe. ruang legar kat bawah pun jadi...

her sleeping frens. ngantuk, letih puasa.

other "kakak"

kakak lagi

this one actually not bad. not because ariana was in it but the fact that its not blurry. plus, ariana smiles...

me with the rest of putri and the kids. ada ramai lagi sebenarnya tuh but yang lain lum habis shopping...sakan!

me and mashitah...its time to say "auf wi der sehen which means see you again"

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