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Thursday, August 18, 2011

yang di plan tak jadi, yang tak ingin datang lagi

[p/s : entry nih terdelay sehari coz tak sempat nak upload gambar]

as some of you know from my fb, my voice started being husky on sunday then on monday and tuesday it became worst that all my clients (including the potential client) laugh when they hear me talking coz no voice came out, just blows of air. its really embarrasing you know. i have to pass the line to my colleague to help them.

on tuesday i was planning to cook simple dishes for iftar. bored with the usual menu at bazaar, i planned to cook sambal sardin, fried asparagus and onion omelette. too simple to be considered as cooking. but then as i ask alan to buy desserts ONLY, he bought sambal tempoyak pucuk ubi and i ALSO bought tempoyak ikan patin. and becoz alan didnt eat that fish, he said he'll just buy ayam sambal for him. then it's no point to cook anymore rite? my so called plan, Allah jua yang menentukan. maybe because He knows that i'll be tired handling ariana that was down with fever the next day.

it all started when i pick her up from her nanny. her nanny said that she's not as active as usual. at home i took her temperature and there was a slight fever of 37.7 so i gave her old paracetamol in the fridge. i have a new unopen given by doctor but as the doc said, finish the old one as all paracetamol is the same. that night i didnt repeat any med coz she's active again and all sweating. she didnt wake up through the night but i was wake up due to coughing. so as i was planning wether to take EL or MC, i took ariana's temperature again and it increase to 38.2. i give her milk then another round of med and i inform my boss of my emergency leave. ariana went back to sleep then i prepare her porridge, vege to cook later and fish curry for iftar. too early to cook? no. luckily i cooked early coz after that i was like a robot taking temperature every 10 minutes or less and wiping her body with wet towels to cool her down. poor baby.

in the morning while still can be cranky

everytime she drifted to sleep, the temperature shot up until 39.8 and it breaks my heart when i have to wake her up to wipe her body. it happen about 3-4 times. the med seems like no effect to her coz her fever just go around 38.8-39.8, no less. everytime she wines, the temperature shows of high fever. the 3rd round of med, i try giv her the new upopen med and it show a little improvement but still not satisfying. we continue wipe her body and soak her hair with tamarine juice. after an hour or so, she falls asleep. i tried not to sleep but then drifted. i keep my hand over ariana then suddenly at 1.30am, she wines. i took her temperature and it was around 38.2 and so i ask if she wants her milk. to my surprise, she ask for "ubat". miracle kan? so i gave her water, clearly she's very thirsty then willingly opened her mouth for ubat. then only she took her milk. after an hour, she's all comfortable and started jumping on the mattress. maybe she wants to cover her lack of playing during the day, but i was too tired to accompany her so after few laugh and play, i force her to sleep. and Alhamdulillah this morning she dun have fever anymore and chatty as always.

in the evening where she's too sick to be cranky. just lying down and watch the tv without any movement. when i call out her name, she just look at me through the corner of her eyes. cian dia.

ok, you must be asking why we didnt bring her to the hospitals right away. it is becoz i know how they handle it. they will ask us to be admitted (the temperature must be 38.5 and above-for sure ariana kena) and before that they will poke into those tiny hands and feet to take some blood. and blood result only be back the next 1-2 days. if necessary then i would allow but ariana's fever was not more than 24hours which we cud try to monitor and control the temperature at home. at the hospitals, they'll take temperature every hour and giv meds and ask us to wipe her body which clearly i can do it at home. as long as there's no seizures, we shud be ok. controlling the body temperature is the main goal. we standy the rectoral paracetamol but that med can only be inserted into the rectum after 8 hours of med. plus i never and dunno how to use it. luckily ariana's nanny is well experienced with baby and fever so she guide me on the medicines.

her nanny said"ariana nih demam nak panjang akal nih. baru nak naik badan tuh". her weight has been a bit slow in progress since she was 15 months and now only she reach 9kg. hopefully no more high fever k.

my cheeky lil girl yesterday. all helathy and active again

nak tiru mummy tongkat dagu. so cute

p/s : my heart melted when she cried "mummy...mummy..." as if mintak tolong when alan wipe her body. macamana pun mummy nih marah/babab/cubit dia, time sakit carik mummy gak kan...cayang yana...

p/s/s : harini sebab kepenatan, dua2 tak bangun sahur. hopefully tak lembik sangat harini. [updated : mummy ok, babah letih sangat]

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