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Thursday, March 17, 2011

hei you!

as i was lying down getting ready for bed while feeding ariana with her 5oz of milk, suddenly my hp rang. somebody who are dear to my heart called. she ask for my help. well not really HELP, help but she need my ear. She said she is crumbling down becos of heartbreak. she hav let someone go without really saying goodbye. she regret that she is sellfish and didn't think of the consequences of her doings. well now she hav to face the truth. he has move on. she broke down. she fall apart. she lose her spirit. (am i right dear?i just quote what u say to me.)

well, my advise is ; just gather yourself up and move on with your life. its not his fault neither you. its fate. Allah hav guide you through the process. otherwise, you wouldn't do what you hav done. Maybe HE have already planned somebody better and AWESOME! for you. and maybe, he want you to be better you then he will giv him back to you, MAYBE? IT COULD BE. so, listen to me (as i have more experience in life than you). why do you have to live life dreadfully when you are in control of your own life. be happy. not happy becos you're single. be happy for that AWESOME somebody is waiting to be paired with you. semuanya ada hikmah.

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