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Friday, March 18, 2011

on me and my fashion sense

hmmm...nak citer apa ek? my fashion sense? ada ker? i dun hav any specific style to match my personality. i kan multiple personality. i could be very noisy and sometimes i wont even bother what's happening around me. my style also the same, i think. i like colors, i also like nude and black and white. no colors are ugly to my eyes. but i do have my favourite colors. one of it of cos its pinklaa, and turqoise and purple and grey. eh, apa aku nih. favourite supposedly 1 jer kan? hehe. kan dah kata aku suka semua color. apadaa...

dari segi style pulak i never limit my self to 1 style only. baju macam makcik2 pun aku ada, baju macam budak remaja belum habis sekolah pun ada. baju for age 20s, 30s, 40s, i even have a blouse that exactly the same with my mom cuma warna jer lain and hers look better! teruk kan? my frens already know my tagline "janji ada satu!" tu yang semua style pun ada tuh. i never limit my options and i never think oh, badan aku bentuk macam nih, kulit aku warna nih tak masuk ngan baju nih or style nih. takde. aku belasah jer. so how do i shop for my clothes? it depends on my mood, my budget, my taste at the time, current obsession, what most people wear, what's in, what's the latest style (usually i will be a bit late on this). macam harituh. aku tengok ramai orang pakai tshirt yang ada kedut2 kat bahu tuh. aku pun teringin gak. janji ada satu kan? tapi susah nak carik coz aku saiz Limited. so jumpa satu tuh, terus amik. malas nak pikir. apa tagline nyer? yes, "janji ada satu"

tudung pun sama. sebut jer semua pun ada. bawal, shawl, scarf, awning, syria semua aku belasah. pastu baru aku perasan i'm not really into syria but at least "aku ada satu!" my sisters used to mock me becos of my taste. whenever they saw a nice lady wearing a nice outfit they will say "haa...ko pakailaa camni kak, cantik per" yes2, aku akan beli gak someday. aku nih jenis mudah sangat terpengaruh. kalau orang kata cantik, it will be in my wish/must have list. jangan tak caya, i have a list in my hp that i often update. nak itu, nak ini. haiz. but i'm not shopaholic (although sometimes i wish i were). aku lagi sayang duit kot. sebulan maybe 1-2 kali jer shopping my things. sometimes takde pun. cantik pun kalau harga tak reasonable, takde nyer aku nak beli. oh, aku jugak tak pentingkan brand. asal cantik and exceptable sudeyh.

tapikan korang perasan tak. bila kita beli baju baru, mesti rasa excited nak pakai. lagi2 kalau tetiba datang rasa malas nak pegi keje, baju baru memang sangat sangat diperlukan for motivation. rasa bersemangat jer nak pegi keje. korang ada rasa macam tuh tak?

aku selalu tengok channel E! at 712 tuh. one day aku tengok 50 do's and dont's. one of the point is appropriate attire for officewear. antaranya the shortest skirt that is appropriate for working is only above 1 inch from your knee, not shorter than that (faham tak?apa ayat aku nih, tonggang langgang) dun wear anything that is soo comfortable that you can sleep in it macam tshirt and tracks, dun wear heavy make-up (ooopppss, kengkadang aku pakai gak), and something interesting caught my ears. i dun know the exact word but it says somethings like "you have an obligation to wear something nice to the office to cheer your colleagues" something like thatlaa, which is true! sometimes we see our colleague wearing the same clothes EVERY WEEK. sometimes siap ada jadual pulak tuh sampai kita boleh teka dia akan pakai baju apa the next day. please dun think that peoples are not watching.

invest in some good clothes. buy the basic and we can always mix and match. basics like black skirts, black trousers, white shirt, printed shirt, a dress, then from there bolehla tambah koleksi like few blouses, more trousers with different color, more skirts, and a few shoes. i dun say we have to buy from those expensive outlet. nowadays we have various of choices and sometimes the design is even more beautiful. tak rugi coz that is an investment too. investment for your confidence and self esteem. i know i do feel super happy when i wear something nice. so should you.

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